Reliability Assured

The Revolution Valve uses patented technology which is fundamentally different to any well control or shear and seal valve on the market today. Existing technologies use the same component to cut and seal, so the process of shearing an obstruction and the resulting damage caused typically compromises the seal. For this reason the Revolution valve uses separate components to cut and seal and as the sealing flapper moves into place it does not drag over the cut edge of the obstruction thereby maintaining its integrity and reliability.

To date the Revolution Valve has been qualified and delivered for surface well intervention applications. Cutting trials on wireline and coiled tubing have been completed, followed by low and high pressure seal integrity testing. Endurance testing confirmed valve performance over many hundreds of cycles, unheard of with traditional intervention valve designs. Further reliability testing is ongoing on a 6⅜”, 15k In-Riser valve.

Revolution Valve Cut Samples