Features & Benefits

The Revolution Valve represents a new era in subsea safety valves, meeting today’s increased industry challenges and more. It is the only valve on the market that does not compromise its ability to seal with its shearing action and is not reliant on elastomer components for fluid containment. This is the best line of defence when a fast and reliable seal is required. It is easily scaled to meet all well bore sizes, to cut all likely intervention materials and its compact size with rotary actuators means it is ideally suited to the challenging confines of slim line open water or in-riser interventions.

Features Benefits
Fewer, simpler components and stronger fit-for-purpose design.
  • Minimises cost / Improves reliability / Reduces lead time.
Separate cutting and sealing elements in a single device.
  • Eliminates risk of damage to the seal during cutting giving unparalleled post–cut sealing performance.
Rotary actuators.
  • Eliminates binding and maximises cutting torque.
Resilient well bore sealing.
  • Enables use in high pressure and high temperature applications.
  • Provides explosive decompression resistance.
Compact and lightweight design.
  • Ease of deployment.
  • Minimises structural loads.
Common flanged connection for In-Riser application.
  • Improves structural integrity including fatigue capacity.
  • Reduces cost.