Surface Well Intervention Valve

The Surface Well Intervention Valve is a large bore hydraulically controlled valve that forms an intrinsically safe barrier between the Xmas tree and wireline/coiled tubing BOP’s during surface intervention. The valve provides enhanced cutting and post-cut sealing capabilities and its compact nature allows for exceptional ease of installation.

Features Benefits
Separates cutting and sealing components in a single device.
  • Eliminates risk of damage to the seal during cutting giving unparalleled post-cut sealing performance.
  • Eliminates need for, and inconvenience of separate devices.
Compact and lightweight design.
  • Maximises installation options - easily deployed through wellhead access hatches.
Resilient well bore sealing.
  • Enables use in high pressure and high temperature applications.
  • Provides explosive decompression resistance.
  • Eliminates vulnerabilities of metal seals.
Utilises standard control fluids.
  • Allows operation with existing BOP controls.
  • Minimises weight.
Flanged end connections (other ends available).
  • Permits easy integration with lubricator stacks.
Cutting Capability
15 x 0.125” Slickline. 10 x 0.160” Slickline.
5 x 0.250” Capillary. 5 x 7/32” Slickline.
3 x 5/16” E-Line. 3 x 0.472” Hepta Cable.
2 x 0.520” Hepta Cable. Coiled Tubing version available.
Revolution Valve Cut Samples
Bore Diameter. 6 5/8”. 168 mm. Make-Up Height. 28.0”. 711.2 mm.
Maximum Width. 26.2”. 655 mm. Weight. 2,028 lb. 920 kg.
Working Pressure. 10,000 psi. 690 bar. End Connections. 7 1/16” 10,000 psi flanged.
Hydraulic Pressure. 3,000 psi. 207 bar. Control Fluid. Any oil or water based fluid.