Open Water Well Control Valve

Riserless Light Well Intervention (RLWI) is a method for performing inspection and maintenance of subsea wells without a riser based (pipeline) system. This is performed by inserting downhole tools into the well under full pressure by the use of wireline from a surface vessel. This method significantly reduces costs compared to the use of drilling rigs, risers and more traditional equipment. As fields mature the need to perform well interventions increases in order to improve field recovery and maximise production, so the use of this type of riserless intervention is a preferred, cost effective method to employ.

The Open Water Well Control Valve is a large bore, hydraulically controlled valve which performs the critical safety function of well containment when conducting light well interventions. Interventek’s unique design delivers significant improvements in functional performance and operational reliability whilst also reducing both capex and opex.


Features Benefits
Compact and lightweight design.
  • Saves weight and is easily incorporated into existing packages.
Separates cutting and sealing components in a single device.
  • Eliminates risk of damage to the seal during cutting giving unparalleled post-cut sealing performance.
Resilient well bore sealing.
  • Enables use in high pressure and high temperature applications.
  • Provides explosive decompression resistance.
  • Eliminates vulnerabilities of metal seals.