Subsea Well Abandonment Tree

The Subsea Abandonment Tree is a large bore hydraulically controlled valve system that provides a stress free solution to open water well intervention operations. The valve weighs only 2.5 tons but provides heavyweight well protection for any compromised Xmas Tree valves. It is installed directly above the subsea production Xmas Tree prior to temporary suspension or abandonment.

After initial drilling, a well may be temporarily suspended if an operator intends to carry out further operations at a later date. Well abandonment is part of the decommissioning process and must meet multiple safety, regulatory, environmental and cost objectives in today’s market.

Features Benefits
Smart, robust, fit-for-purpose design.
  • Easily deployed from lightweight vessel.
  • Minimises loads on the Xmas Tree and wellhead
Resilient well bore sealing.
  • Enables valves to be left installed for extended periods.
Separates cutting and sealing components in a single device.
  • Eliminates risk of damage to the seal during cutting giving unparalleled post-cut sealing performance.
Rotary actuators.
  • Maximises cutting torque.
  • Minimises weight.
External actuators.
  • Allows operation by manual or ROV override.
Flanged end connections (other end connections are available).
  • Permits easy integration with existing equipment
Cutting Capability
Slickline. Up to 10 off 0.160”.
Braided Cable. Up to 2 off 0.520”.
Coiled Tubing. Up to 2 7/8” x 0.204”.
Revolution Valve Cut Samples
Production Bore. 5 1/8”. 130 mm. Upper Interface. To suit field safety package or EDP.
Annulus Bore. 2 1/16”. 52 mm. Lower Interface. To suit Xmas Tree re-entry hub.
Working Pressure. 10,000 psi. 690 bar. Weight. 5,600 lb. 2 540 kg.
Hydraulic Pressure. 3,000 psi. 207 bar. Control Fluid. Any oil or water based fluid.